Urban Greening Bay Area

Promoting the widespread use of Green Stormwater Infrastructure to help mitigate climate change impacts, improve water quality discharged into local waterways and the Bay, and realize a variety of ancillary co-benefits.

Project At a Glance

Urban Greening Bay Area is a collaborative effort to re-envision Bay Area urban landscapes with widespread green infrastructure in order to:

  • Improve water quality by treating urban and stormwater runoff
  • Reduce local flooding by impounding stormwater and releasing it slowly
  • Help mitigate anticipated climate change impacts

With SF Bay Area population growth projections from seven to nine million people by 2040, many water-related challenges are emerging. These challenges include competition for safe, reliable drinking water, on-going environmental impacts of chemical products (past, present, and future), and continued development pressure.

The San Francisco Estuary Partnership (SFEP) is working with the San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) and several Bay Area municipalities to advance regional capacity for Green Infrastructure in a programmatic approach with three tracks: Planning, Implementation, and Tracking. The US EPA is funding Phase 2 of the project, expected to complete on December 30, 2019. The initial Phase 1, which began on July 1, 2015, was funded by the State Water Resources Control Board.

This project advances the following Estuary Blueprint goals and actions

Water Quality and Quantity

Action 23
Action 24
Action 27

Collaborative Effort


  • Upgrade and enhance the watershed-based GreenPlan-IT tool
  • Integrate Green Stormwater Infrastructure into local planning efforts in various partnering jurisdictions
  • Conduct a Roundtable process with various funding agency representatives to develop a Roadmap for integrating Green Stormwater Infrastructure with future climate change and transportation investments in the region
Participative Process


  • Design Charrette process to develop cost-effective Green Stormwater Infrastructure designs for typical roadway intersections, and construction of two Green Stormwater Infrastructure projects based on the resulting designs
  • Construction of the Chynoweth Avenue Green Street
Interactive Map


  • Development and trial of a GIS database and interactive map of constructed Green Infrastructure/Low Impact Development projects in the region

Phase 1


GreenPlan-IT Webinar: 7/30/15
Watch the presentation

TAC Meeting: 4/29/15

San Jose staff meeting: 4/08/15

San Mateo staff meeting: 9/24/14

San Jose staff meeting: 9/24/14

San Mateo staff meeting: 8/12/14
Meeting package – agenda, presentation and minutes

TAC Meeting: 7/2/14 – conference call
Presentation – Jing Wu


TAC Meeting: 6/17/14
Introduction – Lester McKee and Jennifer Krebs
TAC Key Questions
Site Suitability – Patty Frontiera, Pete Kauhanen and Marshall Kunze
Model Development – Jing Wu
Optimization – Jing Wu
Meeting Discussion Summary

San Mateo staff meeting: 1/14/14
Minutes 1/14/14

San Jose staff meeting: 12/18/13
Minutes 12/18/13

Municipal Kick-Off Meeting: 9/19/13
Minutes 9/19/13
Agenda and Presentation Materials PDF
Agenda and Presentation Materials Powerpoint

SFEP/SFEI project update meeting: 3/13/14
Minutes 3/13/14