Transforming Shorelines Project

About Transforming Shorelines

Funded by EPA Region 9 Water Quality Improvement Fund, the Transforming Shorelines Project is supporting collaborative engagement on nature-based solutions.

Transforming Shorelines will (1) build regional capacity for nature-based solutions through technical support and analyses; (2) advance a suite of NBS projects through design, permitting and implementation, and; (3) advance state of the art water quality improvement approaches at the Oro Loma Horizontal Levee site.

Transforming Shorelines Collaborative

Meeting Materials - March 2, 2020

The Transforming Shorelines Collaborative (TSC) is comprised of practitioners and experts on nature-based solutions, wastewater treatment, resiliency and nutrient management including regulators, landowners and stakeholders, individual wastewater treatment facilities, regional entities and practitioners/experts involved in habitat restoration, treatment wetlands, or shoreline resilience. The TSC will meet bi-annually.

Who We Are 

The TSC is convened by a Core Team of project participants representing a broad range of partners from across the Estuary. Our leadership team is listed below: 

  • Adrien Baudrimont, San Francisco Estuary Partnership
  • Angela Perantoni, UC Berkely 
  • Carlos Diaz, Engineer 
  • Dr. David Sedlak, UC Berkeley 
  • Emily Gonthier, UC Berkeley 
  • Heidi Nutters, San Francisco Estuary Partnership
  • Jason Warner, Oro Loma Sanitary District 
  • Jaqueline Zipkin, East Bay Dischargers Authority 
  • Jeremy Lowe, San Francisco Estuary Institute
  • Liz Juvera, San Francisco Estuary Partnership 
  • Luisa Valiela, US Environmental Protection Agency Region 9

Get Engaged 

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Meeting 1 – March 2, 2020

Meeting Materials 

  1. Meeting Agenda 
  2. Presentations
  3. Meeting Summary