Transforming Urban Water Initiative

From Gray to Green Shorelines

Regulatory Pathways for Nature-based Solutions  

This project is a close collaboration between East Bay Discharge Authority (“EBDA”), San Francisco Estuary Institute (‘SFEI”), SFEP, and EPA. The primary objectives are:  

  • Develop case studies of NBS and/or horizontal levee projects, the key tradeoffs associated with them (habitat, water quality, public access, etc.), and the impacts that regulatory directives have on design and implementation.  
  • Identify permitting challenges for the life cycle of NBS and horizontal levee projects, including initial permitting barriers, regulatory requirements that make projects cost prohibitive and/or high risk for project proponents, and regulatory constraints for long-term operations and maintenance.  
  • Identify potential regulatory and permitting pathways for NBS and horizontal levee projects to address the identified challenges. If current pathways exist, identify recommendations for possible improvements.  
  • Complete an analysis that summarizes key findings and recommendations.  

This effort will be kicking off in Summer 2022. For more information, contact Heid Nutters (