Transforming Urban Water Initiative

From Gray to Green Shorelines

Regional Roundtable Workshops

In coordination with the Transforming Shorelines Collaborative (TSC) planning team, the Core Team will plan and facilitate a series of regional roundtables for practitioners around the Bay to share ideas and lessons learned on challenges and opportunities associated with design, monitoring, funding, permitting, construction, and maintenance of NBS.

Roundtables will include presentations of site-specific projects either developed through this effort or leveraged in partnership, in order to build capacity for future project implementation. 

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Past Workshops

November 2021

Nature-Based Solutions For Coastal Resilience, Habitat Enhancement, and Water Quality Improvement at the San Francisco Bay Shoreline: Challenges, Solutions, and Next Steps

The Transforming Shorelines team held the first Regional Roundtable in partnership with the Bay Area One Water Network. The workshop took place from November 2-4, 2021 and included over 30 invited participants at peak attendance. The agenda of the three-day event took on an iterative approach based on the conversations that were had each day, which lent to interesting and dynamic breakout discussions around the future of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) implementation and strategizing for effective NbS project management. Each day, the workshop participants came away with a small homework assignment in preparation for the next day’s activities. This work-centric roundtable helped generate conversation around developing a strategy focused on regulatory improvements and building the case for increased, cross-sectoral financing for NbS. Workshop participants expressed their appreciation for a forum of this kind and hopes for more opportunities like this to come along in the future.

Watch the online webinar, held on September 23, 2022, hosted by the San Francisco Estuary Partnership and Bay Area One Water Network on the findings included in the above report: Nature-Based Solutions for Coastal Resilience, Habitat Enhancement and Water Quality Improvement at the San Francisco Bay Shoreline.