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State of the Estuary Conference 2019

Exploratorium Arts Showcase

Climate compass graphic

Climate Compass

Art is a fundamental part of being human–learning in and through the arts is a serious form of interacting with the world by engaging with its questions, formulating ideas, and deepening knowledge. The Exploratorium is an active partner in regional resilience efforts, and fosters a multidisciplinary approach that includes working with artists and scientists to communicate science and inspire civic agency.

The Exploratorium was delighted to curate an “arts showcase” entitled Field Station: Art & Artifacts from the Fisher Bay Observatory Gallery as part of the State of the Estuary 2019!

(Left: The Climate Compass is a ground installation designed for orienting one to both time and space in specific locations. Standing on the Compass one may face north, towards the shore, or hills and can see the predictions for sea level rise at that site.  A series of these are planned for sites around the Bay Area. Climate data from RiSER is combined with this installation to bring climate science more directly into the public conversation, a project by Sara Dean for the Exploratorium)