Outstanding Environmental Project Awards

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Every two years, Friends of the San Francisco Estuary presents awards to outstanding environmental projects that benefit the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary and its watersheds. These awards are given out at the biennial State of the Estuary Conference. Qualified projects significantly benefit the Estuary; show measurable results, and have not been externally mandated (for example, to resolve an enforcement action). Projects represent diverse locations, environmental categories, and project sponsors. Nominated projects should further the goals and objectives of the Estuary Partnership’s Estuary Blueprint, the comprehensive plan for a healthy and resilient Estuary.

These projects showcase the value of partnership in making remarkable contributions to the health and resilience of the San Francisco Bay‐Delta Estuary. The Outstanding Environmental Project awards are presented by Friends of the San Francisco Estuary, a non‐profit organization dedicated to the enhancement, protection, and restoration of the San Francisco Bay‐Delta Estuary.

Please e-mail nominations to Friends of the San Francisco Estuary at friendsofsfestuary@gmail.com or send them to P.O. Box 791, Oakland, CA, 94604.

The Deadline for submission is Friday, July 28, 2017.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2015 Outstanding Environmental Project Awards!

The 2015 awardees were:

  • Antioch Dunes Restoration Project
  • Breuner Marsh Restoration and Public Access Project
  • Cullinan Ranch Restoration Project
  • Invasive Spartina Treatment and Revegetation Project
  • San Francisco Bay Living Shorelines Project
  • South Bay Creeks Collaborative


For more information on these and other past awardees, and on Friends of the San Francisco Estuary, please visit http://friendsofsfestuary.org/outstanding-environmental-project-awards.html