Our work seeks to improve water quality and increase the quantity of fresh water available to the Estuary with projects that: increase drought resistance and water efficiency and reduce reliance on imported water; improve freshwater flow patterns, quantity, and timing to better support natural resources; and reduce contaminants entering the system and improve water quality.

Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia in the SF Estuary

Research and monitor the potential threads of the Estuary of ocean acidification and hypoxia.
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Supplemental Environmental Projects

SEPs allow a discharger to undertake an environmentally beneficial project as restitution for polluting water under the Regional Water Quality Control Board’s enforcement process. The Partnership provides oversight services for these projects.  
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Healthy Watershed, Resilient Baylands

Healthy Watersheds, Resilient Baylands includes 10 multi-benefit urban greening projects in the South Bay.
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Clean Vessel Act Grant Program

Under a Clean Vessel Act grant from the California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways, the Estuary Partnership manages a dynamic education/outreach program aimed at encouraging boaters to use pumpout and dump stations rather than discharging directly into the Estuary.
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Mercury in the Guadalupe Watershed

A suite of projects to reduce mercury in the Guadalupe watershed.
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Suisun Marsh Monitoring Project

Suisun Marsh, located northeast of San Pablo Bay, is approximately 116,000 acres, making it one of the largest contiguous wetlands in the entire state. SFEP is working with project partners to develop, implement, and assess the effectiveness of various Best Management Practices to address low dissolved oxygen and Methylmercury generation.
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San Pablo Avenue Green Stormwater Spine

Design, construction, and monitoring of an array of landscape-based stormwater treatment retrofits distributed along a 12.5 mile stretch of San Pablo Avenue, a major thoroughfare passing through a number of East Bay cities.
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Where are current water projects located?

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