Habitat Restoration

Restoring wetlands lost since the Gold Rush is a prime objective of many SFEP projects. Learn more | Photo: Michael Layefsky


Fish & Wildlife Recovery

Our projects benefit fish, birds, and the food web that supports critical species. Learn more | Photo: Verne Nelson


Water Quality Improvement

Our projects focus on trash, urban pesticides, and sediment and pathogens in creeks and streams. Learn more | Photo: Josh Bradt


Watershed Management

Protecting Bay Area watersheds is key to the health of the Bay and Estuary. Learn more | Photo: Grant Lake, Jos. D. Grant Park. By Grey3000



All of us share responsibility for a healthy Estuary. Our many educational projects spread the word about how we can support this vital ecosystem. Learn more  |  Photo: Mike Vukman

The San Francisco Estuary Partnership

The San Francisco Bay-Delta is named in the federal Clean Water Act as one of 28 “estuaries of national significance." For over 20 years, the San Francisco Estuary Partnership has worked together with local communities and federal and state agencies to improve the health of California’s most urbanized estuary.

Partnership News

green1 front-page-resiliency-brochure The San Francisco Estuary Partnership is pleased to announce its release of the Green Streets and Stronger Safer Shorelines outreach brochures! These pieces are built for elected officials as well as city planners. They review the advantages associated with Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure, provide information on why cities and counties should consider these elements as the region moves forward with protecting coastlines and water quality, and provides information on projects that have successfully implemented these concepts. Read more about Green Streets Here or about Resiliency Here.