All of us share responsibility for a healthy Estuary. Our work champions the Estuary by: building public support for protection and restoration with information, outreach, and education, and by providing opportunities to directly engage with the Estuary; strengthening regional leadership in support of Estuary health; and promoting efficient and coordinated regional governance.

State of the Estuary Conference

The 13th Biennial State of the San Francisco Estuary Conference will be held October 10 – 11, 2017 at the Scottish Rite Center in Oakland, CA.    
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Clean Vessel Act Grant Program

Under a Clean Vessel Act grant from the California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways, the Estuary Partnership manages a dynamic education/outreach program aimed at encouraging boaters to use pumpout and dump stations rather than discharging directly into the Estuary.
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Transition Zone Planning in Disadvantaged Communities

Developing a mapping methodology for the upland transition zone and completing a community-based shoreline visioning process for the transition zone in North Richmond, CA. We are working with community partners to address environmental justice in resource protection & planning.
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Flood Control 2.0

Rebuilding Habitat and Shoreline Resilience through a New Generation of Flood Control Channel Design and Management
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Reducing Pesticide Use

Outreach and education to residential home and garden pesticide users to reduce pesticide toxicity in impaired water bodies.
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Project Map

Where are current habitat and living resources projects located?

Archived Projects