Universal Deck Adapter Kit Program

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Clean Vessel Act Grant Program

Universal Deck Adapter Kit Program

SFEP has Universal Deck Adapter Kits ready to be distributed as a component of the Cal State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways Clean Boating Kit during boat shows and major outreach events. Kits will also be made available on demand for interested boaters and at marinas until supplies run out.

The Universal Deck Adapter Kits are composed of the adapter, printed instructions, and reusable gloves. They can be disinfected and stowed safely after each use in your choice of container to be ready for the next pumpout.

Providing these deck adapters allows boaters to avoid the frustration of encountering damaged nozzles, and reduces wear and tear on the pumpout system. In addition, supplying this tool to boaters allows them to overcome challenges when using pumpout stations by making it simpler, cleaner, and a hands-free experience.

SFEP will create new outreach materials (instructions and a step-by-step video) to demonstrate how to use this tool and will feature these materials on SFEP’s website and in newsletter articles soon.

SFEP has limited quantities of these kits, but will continue to send them to California boaters until they run out. If you would like to order additional adapters, you may do so online or at various boating and marine supply stores.