State of the Estuary Conference

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State of the Estuary “Summit”

Friday October 1st, 2021

This event will be free and virtual. Register now!

Every two years, the Estuary Partnership brings a focus to the management and ecological health of the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary. The State of the San Francisco Estuary Conference showcases the latest information about the region’s work to sustain and improve the estuary’s habitats, living resources, water quality, climate resilience, and environmental stewardship.

During our 2019 Conference, we were able to bring new topics into the conversation on the health of the estuary, focusing on how public health, homelessness, green space, and inclusive design are all deeply tied into the decisions we make around preserving the estuary. The pandemic and worsening social and environmental injustices have only served to highlight these issues, and we recognize the need to bring equity and the human dimension to the forefront of our conference efforts.

On October 1st, the Estuary Partnership will be holding a free, fully virtual, one-day State of the Estuary “Summit” that spotlights environmental justice, community engagement, and climate resilience, amongst other critical and timely topics. We hope that you join us for this exciting event!


The event program is now available with information on speakers, session topics, and timing.

See details on how to register by September 30.

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Archived materials from previous conferences can be found here.


Alexandra Thomsen

Alexandra Thomsen

California Sea Grant Fellow

Liz Juvera

Liz Juvera

Environmental Planner

Karen McDowell

Karen McDowell

Senior Environmental Planner