Habitats and Living Resources

Human activities have severely altered the physical processes that create and maintain estuarine habitats. The impairment of physical processes is intertwined with habitat loss, degradation, and fragmentation. These losses of physical processes and habitats have reverberated through biological systems, contributing to unproductive food webs, smaller and declining fish and wildlife populations, and the dominance of invasive species.

We seek to sustain and improve the Estuary’s habitats and living resources by implementing projects that: protect, restore, and enhance ecological conditions and processes that support self-sustaining natural communities; eliminate or reduce threats to natural communities; and conduct scientific research and monitoring.

Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia in the SF Estuary

Research and monitor the potential threads of the Estuary of ocean acidification and hypoxia.
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Supplemental Environmental Projects

SEPs allow a discharger to undertake an environmentally beneficial project as restitution for polluting water under the Regional Water Quality Control Board’s enforcement process. The Partnership provides oversight services for these projects.  
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Healthy Watershed, Resilient Baylands

Healthy Watersheds, Resilient Baylands includes 10 multi-benefit urban greening projects in the South Bay.
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Suisun Marsh Monitoring Project

Suisun Marsh, located northeast of San Pablo Bay, is approximately 116,000 acres, making it one of the largest contiguous wetlands in the entire state. SFEP is working with project partners to develop, implement, and assess the effectiveness of various Best Management Practices to address low dissolved oxygen and Methylmercury generation.
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Transition Zone Planning in Disadvantaged Communities

Developing a mapping methodology for the upland transition zone and completing a community-based shoreline visioning process for the transition zone in North Richmond, CA. We are working with community partners to address environmental justice in resource protection & planning.
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Oro Loma Pilot Project – Horizontal Levee

A Horizontal Levee is a re-imagining of how a levee looks and what it can do. Instead of a vertical wall to protect against storm surges, a horizontal levee uses vegetation on a gentle slope to break waves.
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Flood Control 2.0

Rebuilding Habitat and Shoreline Resilience through a New Generation of Flood Control Channel Design and Management
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San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority

The Estuary Partnership and the State Coastal Conservancy work together to staff the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority, a regional effort dedicated to enhancing and protecting wetlands and wildlife habitat.
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Project Map

Where are current habitat and living resources projects located?

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