Through a grant from the EPA, San Francisco Estuary Partnership has created two beautiful brochures for city managers, council members, and staff on the opportunities offered by nature-based infrastructure, including Green Streets and Natural Shoreline Solutions. The two full-color brochures explain the advantages of nature-based solutions, provide online resources, and offer case studies within the region to demonstrate the real world applicability of these approaches.

Learn more about the Green Streets brochure and Stronger Safer Shorelines brochure

SFEP also has print copies available for distribution; please contact if you would like copies for your staff or other audiences.

Action 14 & Task 24.1

With these brochures, SFEP completes CCMP Task 24.1 (Develop outreach materials on lessons learned and the current state of LID benefits knowledge) and advances Action 14 (Demonstrate how natural habitats and nature-based shoreline infrastructure can provide increased resiliency to changes in the Estuary environment).

The “Green Streets” brochure presents an overview of model Green Streets projects in the Bay Area to demonstrate the benefits of implementing green infrastructure in the region’s cities.

Download the Green Streets Brochure here.

Download the Stronger Safer Shorelines Brochure here.