►    Two Way BayEstuary leaders reflect on resilience (video).

►    Integrated Permitting –  Restoration authority greenlights funding.

►    Supply Side Synthesis  — RMP puts Bay sediment picture together.

►    Sewage Plants Adapt  — NYC AND Novato Sewage Plants Adapt…

►    Can Resilience Push Regionalism? John Hart unpacks the take homes from a year of design experiences and push back on sea level rise adaptation.

►   Baywide Intent – New sea level rise adaptation network for local governments.

►    Model Ecological Territory – Model set back levee in Hamilton City.

►    Delta Contemplates Warming Climate – New Assessments Delta Climate Vulnerability…

Magazine Features

PERSPECTIVE: Reflecting on the Rush to Resilience

After listening to the final Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge presentations for all the design teams, attending the closing roundtables and speeches, and reading the June 2018 special issue of ESTUARY News focused on resilience planning, the Bay’s top environmental history writer John Hart reflects on take-homes. "Hart very quickly and clearly cuts to the core questions that emerged from the challenge,” says RbD director Amanda Brown Stevens.

Two-Way Bay: Estuary Leaders Reflect on Resilience

This 8-minute film interviews eight directors of water quality, restoration, and environmental programs around the San Francisco Estuary about their experience of the 2017-2018 Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge.

Slideshow: Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge

Some things just aren’t big enough in print or pdf! In this short slide show we offer a sample of the richness of the renderings, big ideas, and technical thinking emerging from the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge. From hyper-creeks to treatment marshes to accretion gardens, this slide show also gives you a look at a few things buried in the final reports.
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Help may be on the way for critically endangered southern resident killer whales.

NOAA Fisheries and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife have partnered to produce a list of the west coast Chinook salmon stocks most important to the whale’s survival. This list comes as a part of a special action plan by NOAA to address the three primary threats to the southern resident killer whales: Chemical...

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