Small Grant Program RFP-Review/Criteria

Review Process

Once the applications are received, SFEP’s Small and Micro Grants Program Committee will review them for completeness, and then distribute them to one or more members of the Review Committee for review and ranking. The Review Committee is composed of SFEP staff and partners. A score will be given for each project using the selection criteria below.

Selection Criteria

Every project will be evaluated according to a set of criteria. Each criterion has been assigned a number value that is reflected in the number in parentheses. The maximum score possible is 200.

  • Detailed description (50)
  • Proposed budget (30)
  • Relevance: Does the project advance one or both of the Watershed Program goals? (40)
  • Feasibility: Will the project achieve its stated goals? (30)
  • Capacity: Does the organization demonstrate that it has the skills and qualifications to undertake and complete the project? (30)
  • Sustainability: Will the proposed improvements/planning provide benefit(s) to the San Francisco Estuary over time? (10)
  • Innovativeness: Does the project feature new methods or introduce new ideas? (10)