Small Grant Program RFP-ReimbursementList

Reimbursement List

The Small grants and Micro-grants are reimbursement grants only. Receipts or other documentation of expenses are required for each item.

Reimbursable expenses include (but are not limited to):

  • Tools and equipment rentals
  • Plants and other landscaping materials
  • Meeting room rentals
  • Film and photo processing
  • Materials (i.e. water quality sampling kits, supplies to produce educational materials)
  • Postage
  • Project-related printing
  • Project-related signage
  • Professional services: hourly, with invoice of rate and work accomplished
  • Staff time
  • Mileage

Unbudgeted expenses: Purchases for items, other than those specified in the line-item budget require SFEP’s approval before they are incurred. Unapproved expenditures and indirect expenses are not reimbursable.