Flood Control 2.0

Rebuilding habitat and shoreline resilience through a new generation of flood control channel design and management.

Project At a Glance

The new Flood Control 2.0 on-line toolbox is HERE!

Flood Control 2.0 is a multi-agency effort funded by the EPA to advance approaches for integrating habitat restoration and flood management at the Bay edge. This new toolbox includes a suite of tools to help land managers develop management approaches for flood control channels and their surrounding landscapes that benefit both people and wildlife over the long term.

This project advances the following Estuary Blueprint goals and actions


Action 12
Action 13
Action 17

Over the past 200 years, many of the channels that drain to San Francisco Bay have been modified for flood risk management. Historically, creeks frequently transported watershed-derived sediment to the baylands, but those connections have largely been lost. Many channels now trap sediment, often leading to long-term maintenance problems that are difficult to address due to permitting requirements and dredging costs. Sediment trapped in flood control channels is now being seen as a valuable commodity for baylands restoration, especially given accelerated sea level rise. The Flood Control 2.0 project is an ambitious regional effort which leverages local resources from several flood control agencies to reassess how ecological functions can be integrated into flood control design and management.

This project has been completed. Find out about the final product and results on the new Flood Control 2.0 Online Toolbox.