National Estuaries Week

September 19th-26th


Saltwater meets freshwater… a love story.

Estuaryweek.spalshbkgdNational Estuaries Week is an annual celebration of the coastal areas where our rivers meet the sea. National Estuaries Week is a great opportunity to experience our own San Francisco Bay estuary and learn about this treasured resource and how we can help protect it.

The San Francisco Estuary Partnership invites you to celebrate National Estuaries Week here in the San Francisco Estuary Watershed by getting involved in the exciting activities listed below. Follow the links to find out more! Go on a tour of the bay, watch birds, and so much more!

Find out more about the San Francisco Bay Estuary on SFEP’s “About the Estuary” page.

Take the Estuary Quiz Here!


September 17 – 18
State of the Estuary Conference

September 19
California Coastal Clean Up Day – Many Bay Area Locations

Oakland Creek to Bay Day

International Shoreline Clean Up – Berkeley

Find many more opportunities to show your love and do something for the SF Bay-Delta Estuary at the Your Wetlands project website.


We are asking everyone to help spread awareness using social media sites to post pictures of your favorite estuary locations and activities as well as links to this site for more information.

Check in or post pictures on the San Francisco Estuary Partnership’s Facebook page while enjoying the activities of National Estuary Week


Add to the online conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #EstuariesWeek.

[accordion] [acc_item title=”What are estuaries and why do we celebrate them? – Click to expand -“]Estuaries are bodies of water in which the fresh water from rivers and streams mixes with the salt water of the ocean.  Along with rain forests and coral reefs, estuaries are among the most productive ecosystems in the world. They provide critical habitat for a variety of marine plants and animals. Because of the many species of fish and wildlife that rely on the sheltered waters of estuaries as protected places for their young, estuaries are often called the “nurseries of the sea.”  Commercial and recreational fisheries depend on estuaries — they provide habitat for more than 75% of America’s commercial fish harvest, and for about 80-90% of the recreational fish catch.  Tourism, shipping, recreational boating, fishing, and other commercial activities associated with estuaries support local, regional, and national economies.[/acc_item] [/accordion]


Watch the “What’s an Estuary? Now You Know” video produced by the Association of National Estuary Programs.