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Supplemental Environmental Projects

Facilitating water quality improvement projects as restitution for violations under the Regional Water Quality Control Board’s enforcement process.
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Flood Control 2.0

Rebuilding habitat and shoreline resilience through a new generation of flood control channel design and management.
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Fremont Tree Well Filters

In 2012, the City of Fremont installed two Tree Well Filters (TWFs) on Osgood Road to improve city aesthetics and treat urban runoff. Two distinct TWFs configurations were designed and built side-by-side so that they could be tested against one another for efficacy of pollutant removal and maintenance costs. The San Francisco Estuary Institute monitored both Tree Well Filters over a series of storms in order to: Qualitatively assess whether the TWFs were treating stormwater runoff at rainfall rates up...
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Small Grants Release

In 2013, the San Francisco Estuary Partnership announced the launch of the Small and Micro Grants Program to help protect and improve watershed health around the San Francisco Estuary. The total amount available for 2013 was $50,000 for both small grants (up to $5,000) and micro-grants (up to $1,000).
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