2019 Winning Student Posters

The poster session at the State of the Estuary Conference featured a number of posters by students. Student posters were entered into a competition, and were judged on organization, clarity, originality, and contribution to science. Of the 23 student posters presented at the conference, here are the winning selections: 

1st Place:

Factors Affecting Endangered Suaeda californica Establishment and Use in High Tide Refuge in San Francisco Bay 
Kelly Santos, Estuary & Ocean Science Center, San Francisco State University (SFSU)

Co-Authors: Melissa Patten (Estuary & Ocean Science Center/SFSU), Peter Baye (Annapolis Field Station), Katharyn Boyer (Estuary & Ocean Science Center/SFSU)

Poster author Kelly Santos and colleague
Poster author Kelly Santos presents her findings to a colleague at the State of the Estuary Conference


2nd Place:

Distributional Limits of San Francisco Bay Rockweed Populations are Influenced by Substratum Slope and Tidal Height
Daniela Barceló Rosario, Estuary & Ocean Science Center/SFSU and University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras

Co-Authors: Elizabeth Max (Estuary & Ocean Science Center/SFSU), Chela Zabin (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center), Karina Nielsen (Estuary & Ocean Science Center/SFSU)

3rd Place:

Critical Windows in Chinook Salmon Development: Differential Sensitivity to Warming and Hypoxia During Early Development
Annelise Del Rio, University of California Davis

Co-Authors: Gabriella Mukai (University of California Davis), Benjamin Martin (NOAA), Rachel Johnson (NOAA), Nann Fangue (University of California Davis), Joshua Israel (USBR), Anne Todgham (University of California Davis)