2019 Abstracts

Each State of the San Francisco Estuary Conference includes plenary and concurrent sessions with invited speakers and poster sessions. Posters can address any topic areas related to the four goals of the Estuary Blueprint / CCMP 2016. Posters are displayed both days of the conference, and are highlighted during the Poster Session Reception on the evening of October 21st. 

Poster Guidelines
Submission Process (CLOSED)

Thanks to everyone who submitted a poster abstract. You will be notified soon if your poster abstract is accepted. In addition to the following conference guidelines for the poster session, please find more detailed information and helpful tips in the SOE 2019 Poster Guidelines. Poster presenters must still register and pay for registration. 

General Poster Guidelines

  • Print posters so they fit on a poster board measuring 4 feet (wide) by 4 feet (high).  Due to space restrictions we will be placing two posters on each side of the 8 foot board. Posters can be smaller, but not larger than the panel size. 
  • Plan to hang your poster before the first break on day one of the conference.    Take down the poster on the second day, just after lunch (which ends at 1:20 p.m.)  Push pins will be available, but you are responsible for additional material if needed: double-stick tape, Velcro, scissors, marking pens, envelopes, etc.
  • Presenters may attach a folder or envelope to the board containing their abstract, 8.5” x 14” prints of the poster, business cards, or other information.
  • Document the event. While your poster is still hanging and in pristine condition, get somebody to take a photograph of you in front of your masterpiece.
  • Have at least one of the presenting authors available next to the poster during the evening poster session and reception on October 21st and again towards the end of lunch on October 22nd.

Poster submission are closed. 

Call for Poster Abstracts (PDF File)

Poster Submission – Abstract

Poster Submission – Cluster Form

Submission Instructions

The 14th Biennial State of the San Francisco Estuary Conference will be held at the Scottish Rite Center in Oakland on October 21-22, 2019.  The conference will include plenary and concurrent sessions with invited speakers and poster sessions.  Posters can address any topic areas related to the four Goals in the Estuary Blueprint/CCMP 2016.

Blueprint Goal 1:  Sustain and improve the Estuary’s habitats and living resources.

Blueprint Goal 2:  Bolster the resilience of Estuary ecosystems, shorelines, and communities to climate change.

Blueprint Goal 3:  Improve water quality and increase the quantity of fresh water available to the estuary.

Blueprint Goal 4:  Champion the Estuary

Poster Session The posters will be on display at the conference on October 21-22, 2019.  A Poster Session Reception will be held in the early evening on October 21st.  The sessions allow participants to present their findings in an informal setting, and allow presentation of detailed, technical information of individual topics and studies that cannot be covered adequately in the plenary sessions.  In addition to the technical posters, displays presenting information about policy and management, socio/economic issues, and environmental education programs related to the topics of the conference will also be accepted.  All poster topics must be relevant to the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary. We strongly encourage posters to draw linkages to the Estuary Blueprint/CCMP.

Group Posters Group posters can be organized around a particular topic (Poster Cluster).  Organizing a poster cluster requires a chairperson to organize the cluster and to prepare an overview poster that synthesizes the information from the individual posters to provide the larger-scale conclusions and/or applications of the results.  The posters should be well integrated and complementary.  Each poster within the proposed poster cluster, including the overview poster, will be required to submit an abstract.  In addition, a poster cluster proposal form must be submitted using a separate form on the web site (one form per poster cluster).  Poster cluster proposals will require a session title, the name of the cluster chair(s), a paragraph (<200 words) describing the content and focus of the cluster, as well as a list of poster titles and authors.

Student Participation The conference coordinating committee encourages student participation from both high school and college students.  Awards will be given for the best student poster presentations.   To qualify for a student award, you must have carried out the presented work while you were a registered student, you must make the presentation yourself, and you must indicate your desire to be considered for a student award on the abstract form.

Poster Submission – Abstract

All poster presenters must submit an abstract using the on-line abstract submission system. There is a 300-word limit on the abstract text.

  • The on-line abstract submission form can be found here.  

Poster Submission – Cluster

The following items must be submitted for a Poster Cluster through the on-line abstract system:

  • Poster cluster proposals will require a session title, the name of the cluster chair(s), a paragraph (less than 200 words) describing the content and focus of the cluster as well as a list of poster titles and authors. The posters should be well integrated and complementary.
  • You will be able to save and modify your form until the submission deadline.
  • The Poster Cluster Chair/Organizer deadline for a Poster Cluster form is July 22nd, 2019.
  • Each proposed poster in the poster cluster, including the overview poster, must have an abstract submitted through the regular abstract submission process, (the applicant should indicate that this is a poster cluster presentation submission type on the abstract submittal form). The abstracts for each poster within the cluster is due July 22nd, 2019.
  • The on-line poster cluster submission form can be found here

Submission Instructions

Online Poster Submission – Abstract

Online Poster Submission – Cluster Form

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For information about the poster session, contact the poster chairs:

Alyson Aquino, USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Science, alyson.aquino@ca.usda.gov

Jim Ervin, “Fish in the Bay”,  jbervin04@gmail.com