February 22, 2013
Drough - tree in dry field with clear blue sky

Drought across the nation has serious implications

With most of the country experiencing drought conditions, many heads are turning to planners, scientists, and ecologists to answer a plethora of questions. Will we need to ration water? What are the implications on the wildlife that depend on fresh water flows? Will this drought end soon? These and other questions are certainly not easy to grapple with, but many agencies and municipalities are going to have to implement actions to ensure fresh water supplies meet both human and ecological...
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Artistic picture of a map of the san francisco coast line including marin and san mateo

The City by the Bay retreats as the Pacific moves in

The shoreline at Ocean beach has been a loved and well used recreational outlet for many San Francisco residents. There have been a battery of issues associated with its use and development, but the most recent surrounds the interaction the western coast of the city has with the relentless pacific. City planners and agencies have been working on methods to manage the beach and have decided to test one of their coping mechanisms. Read More online here
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Young boy holding goldfish bowl on table with plants and a fish inside.

Monster found in Tahoe!

Recently, a gigantic specimen of a well known invasive fish was pulled out of Lake Tahoe. This seemingly innocent variety of fish was most likely released into the lake by an unsuspecting aquarium owner wanting to evict their tenant. This is one of the most common methods of introducing both animal and plant invasive species. Visit this Live Science article to read more about this amazing find.
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