January 22, 2013
Water splash with green water drop

Reports Point to Environmental, Public Health Effects of Fracking

A peer-reviewed study by Cornell University researchers and a report released by the Pacific Institute point to significant health effects to animals and humans, and contamination of soils and crops that come in contact with the cocktail of fluids used in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking (
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Coalition Proposes Integrated Plan to Secure Delta Water

The plan proposed to the Governor by environmental groups includes smaller, less costly tunnels, along with funding for strategies such as water conservation, recycling, and new water storage south of the Delta. The goal of the proposal is to reduce the state’s reliance on the estuary for drinking and irrigation water. (
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Planning for Sea Level Rise in the Bay Area is theoretical in 2013

“California has done more than most states to prepare for the challenges of climate change, but when it comes to the dangers of sea level rise, experts worry that the state isn’t doing nearly enough.”  (San Francisco Chronicle) Watch a series of videos describing some of the plans being considered, in light of the prediction that sea level at the bayshore will rise significantly by the end of the century: Taking the heat: Introduction Taking the heat: A silver lining Taking...
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