Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan–Stakeholder Advisory Group

Watershed Management

The Coastal Sediment Management Workgroup (CSMW) has been working to develop Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plans (CRSMPs) along the California coast. The San Francisco Littoral Cell Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan is currently being developed to assist government entities, municipalities, stakeholders, and communities in developing strategies for beneficial reuse of sediments within the region from the Golden Gate to Pacifica to address coastal erosion. This site will host files for the Stakeholder Advisory Group for the San Francisco Littoral Cell CRSMP.

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Meetings Held to Date


Your Coast in 50 Years: A Sediment Management Workshop

Wednesday, November 14, 2012, 1-4pm, 540 Crespi Drive (Pacifica Community Center Card Room), Pacifica

The workshop’s goal was to dialogue with municipal and landowning agency staff to provide the CRSMP development team with input about what they want to see happen along their coast.


Project overview (Doug George)
Tools, alternatives, scenarios (Bob Battalio)
Economic analysis (Phil King)
Policy development (Athena Honore) [This segment was postponed during the workshop]

Read-ahead materials packet for the workshop. This scenarios document provided theoretical scenarios for discussion as supporting material for the workgroup exercise.

No policy decisions were reached as a result of this workshop (nor was that the intent). The workshop was a collaborative exercise to encourage creative thinking and regional approaches.

Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) Meeting #2

June 6, 2012, 1-4pm at 333 90th Street, Daly City


Summaries of Implementation Options by City:
1. San Francisco
2. Daly City
3. Pacifica

1. Meeting Objectives and Agenda
2. Main Presentation
3. Biological-Ecological Assessment

Read-ahead materials:
1. General Update
2. Implementation Options Overview 

Please note that this information is for the use of the SAG only.

Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) Meeting #1

March 28, 2012 at 1455 Market Street, San Francisco

About the Project (1-pager)
SAG 1st Meeting Invitation
San Francisco Littoral Cell CRSMP (Presentation, Doug George, ESA PWA)
Handouts: California Coastal Sediment Master Plan (4-pager), CSMW Mission, Goals, and Membership

Files for review (Posters)
Many of these files were displayed on posters in the room during the first SAG meeting, with an invitation to comment on whether data sets were incomplete or not used correctly. Please send any further comments to Athena Honore.

Disclaimer: Some of these files contain preliminary data that may not be in the public domain. Distribution is limited to the Stakeholder Advisory Group for the San Francisco Littoral Cell Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan process only. Maps were current as of the first Stakeholder Advisory Group meeting; many have been updated since then.

Please do not copy or share these files.


Marine Jurisdictions
Study Reaches
Watersheds Water Bodies
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Physical Processes/Geology and Geomorphology
Backshore Classification
Benthic Habitats
Geology Offshore
Geology Terrestrial
Heavy Minerals
Landslide Susceptibility
Sediment Descriptions
Sediment Grain Size
Shoreline Change

Ecological Regions of Interest
Historical Creeks

Human Environment
Coastal Policy Matrix

Landmarks Easements
Nautical Navigation