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Estuary News won an award for excellence in 2011, and has been reporting San Francisco Bay, Delta and watershed news for over 25 years. This 20-page magazine comes out four times a year on paper and in PDF. It covers everything from restoration and conservation to the water wars, and offers insider information on the latest debates, regulations and science on contaminants, endangered species and invasives. Writers are professional journalists who know how to tell a good story, with special attention to substance and brevity.

Comments from a 2012 reader survey…

More than 75% of respondents read it whenever it comes out.

More than 40% read at least 75% of each issue.

More than 50% gave it a good or excellent rating for readability, diversity of points of view, substance, accuracy and timeliness.

More than 70% learn of an unexpected connection between projects or subjects while reading…

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