Kathleen Wong (Pearl)
Delta smelt and Delta pumps – never the twain shall meet. That’s the bargain struck between wildlife managers and those who supply the State Water Project and southland communities. But preventing this endangered fish from being sucked in by the Tracy pumps requires keeping tabs on its whereabouts. And previous smelt survey methods weren’t cutting...
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Red tides have long stumped scientists with their apparently random appearance. But forecasting these phytoplankton blooms is far from a purely academic problem. Red tides can poison seafood and wildlife, trigger breathing problems in people, and cause operational emergencies in power and desalinization plants. Now, researchers at Scripps Institute of Oceanography at UC San Diego are moving red...
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For the ships that carried the original Forty-Niners, the voyage to California often proved a one-way trip. Once docked in Yerba Buena Cove, crews hightailed it out to gold country. Vessels saw new life as saloons, hotels, and warehouses. Others were scuttled so their owners could claim the land beneath their hulls. Rubble was dumped...
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